Capacity factors at Danish offshore wind farms

Posted by – 2014/07/17

Thanks to the won­der­ful stat­ist­i­cians and data man­agers at ENS and Energinet.DK, we have a large amount of detailed data from Dan­ish onshore and off­shore wind farms. Here’s one quick cut of it: the aver­age capa­city factors, to date of every Dan­ish off­shore wind farm, newly updated to include data to the end of July 2014. The Anholt 1 wind­farm, which only opened in 2013, hit an aver­age capa­city factor of 49.6% for the last 12 months.

Dan­ish wind­farms also include the most pro­duct­ive wind tur­bines in the world, at Røn­land I: the tur­bines have been oper­at­ing for over 11 years now, with a life­time capa­city factor of 44.2%; of its eight tur­bines, four are rated at 2.3MW peak power, and each of those four had by the end of July 2014 gen­er­ated over 100 GWh: the first tur­bines to pass that mile­stone.

All num­bers are to the end of July 2014. Ana­lysis by Raw data from
Rolling annual
capa­city factors
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Total46.2%40.2%127126 746
Anholt 149.6%47.6% 1.3399.62 212
Avedøre Holme38.2%37.4% 4.110.8144
Horns Rev I47.6%41.6%11.81606 865
Horns Rev II52.5%48.8% 4.9209.34 395
Mid­del­grunden23.9%25.3%13.6401 206
Nys­ted (Rød­sand) I40.1%36.9%11.1165.65 963
Nys­ted (Rød­sand) II44.9%43.6% 4.12073 261
Røn­land I43.1%44.2%11.617.2770
Sprogo36.0%35.2% 4.821308
Tunø Knob31.3%30.0%19.25252

Cal­cu­la­tion method

The capa­city fig­ures are cal­cu­lated by cal­cu­lat­ing, for each tur­bine in a given wind farm, the num­ber of hours since it was first con­nec­ted to the grid. This is then mul­ti­plied by its capa­city, to give the num­ber of peak-MW-hours. These fig­ures are summed across all tur­bines in a wind farm, and divided into the total energy gen­er­ated by that wind farm, to give its capa­city factor.


ENS register of Dan­ish wind tur­bines: thanks to ENS and to Energinet.DK for mak­ing the turbine-specific data behind this table available.

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