Surpassing Matilda: record-breaking Danish wind turbines

Posted by – 2010/07/21

By 2008, Matilda was the world’s most productive wind turbine, having generated 61.4 GWh of energy by the end of its life.

But by the end of March 2010, this record had been broken four times over, by four of the eight turbines at Rønland in NW Denmark, pushing Mathilda into fifth place. And they’re still generating: by the start of June 2010, each had generated 63.2 GWh of energy; and they have another 12 years of life ahead of them, having been connected in January 2003.

The site has had excellent performance, with a lifetime capacity factor to date of 42.6%, which is comparable with the sort of capacity factors we expect to see from the forthcoming Round 3 offshore wind farms far out into the North Sea.

But this is a record that won’t last long; with larger and larger turbines getting deployed every year, it won’t be many years before these record-breakers get overtaken themselves.

Data source
ENS Register of wind turbines. The record-breaking turbines have the following IDs in the database: 570715000000062599 570715000000062605 570715000000062612 570715000000062629


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