Live mapping of ships building Walney offshore windfarm

Posted by – 2010/07/20

The map below shows the live pos­i­tions of ships work­ing on the Wal­ney off­shore wind farm, off the coast of Black­pool and Barrow-in-Furness. It’s not as good as sit­ting on the dock of the bay, watch­ing the ships roll in and roll out again, but it’s bet­ter than a slap in the face with a wet cod.
This live map uses part of the register of off­shore wind­farm ships from 4cOffshore, and the live AIS boat-tracking from Mari­neT­raffic.

Just click on the ship’s sym­bol for more inform­a­tion on it.

You can pan around that map, as with any Google map. There’s another wind farm being built off the South-East coast at the moment, too, and you can track other ships work­ing in Dutch and Dan­ish waters too.

Here’s more inform­a­tion on the Wal­ney off­shore farm:

Map of Off­shore Wind Farms provided by 4C Offshore.

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